since my last email advising you of the Titanic 2011 Expedition, we have been inundated with requests from people seeking to join the expedition. The numbers are far higher than we anticipated, perhaps because this†opportunity has not been offered since 2005. Indeed, the number of requests†we have received would not be able to be fulfilled within the weather window of the 2011 season given that it has been shortened by an early season commitment of the Mir submersibles. Many, if not most divers have written to us advising that they would actually prefer to dive in 2012, the†centenary year, rather than 2011.

Taking this into account, and wanting to be responsive to our clients†demands, we are now going to shift the next (2011) expedition from a window of September/October 2011 to April/September 2012. The advantages of†pushing the expedition back 6 months means that we can accommodate all divers, and have all dives within the centenary year. The price will remain $US59900.

We are going to be accepting bookings and deposits in April this year. The†diving order is determined by the order in which participants pay up (in full) for their dive.

The deposit schedule will be as such:
1) $10000 as an initial deposit.
2) $20000 due by October 31st.
3) $29900 due 120 days prior to the expedition.

If a participant cancels after the initial deposit and before October 31st 2011, a non-refundable booking fee of $2500 will be retained.
If a participant cancels after October 31st and before 120 days prior to their expedition, 50% of the monies shall be refunded.
If a participant cancels within 120 days of the expedition, no refunds are due.

Deep Ocean Expeditions strongly recommends that all potential participants ensure they have trip cancellation insurance in place.

We wish you every success and happiness for 2011 and look forward to sailing with you in 2012.